Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to Kill

If you're anything like me you'll occasionally have 15 or 20 minutes to kill. Sometimes it's while you're online and you'll find yourself thinking, "what website should I visit"? I do this; then I think, "all the endless information on the web and I can't think of one website to help me finish my day."

Well first of all let me thank you for thinking of our blog, and here's a bit of help. A warning though, you'll spend a great deal more than 20 minutes on this site but I promise you'll enjoy it. Videos, interviews, images and so much valuable information you'll want to stop by the gallery and give me a hug; maybe. With any luck Barbara will be there.

Check out,

Monday, June 16, 2008

Neighborhood Inspiration

Our neighbor has family visiting from out of town and Leo, their 4 year old grandson, is playing with a trumpet. Single notes, but the little guy can really blow that horn. Watching him work so hard with that trumpet caused me to wonder how masters of any artform eventually learn to appear almost effortless. A perfect example is in this short clip of two American greats. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Center Stage

New Mural at Valentine Theatre

Love it or hate it you have to respect the effort. At 68.5 x 10 feet this is an enormous undertaking. I for one would like to congratulate Paul Geiger for such a massive accomplishment. When I first heard the figure, $100,000.00, I must admit to thinking, 'that's a-lot of money for a mural'. However, the scale of this painting is beyond most artist's comprehension, let alone attention span. To dedicate five years of studio time is a huge commitment for any project by a single artist, and thankfully, a gem for all of Toledo. Go see this painting!