Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Labino on Loan

We're excited to announce our loan of a Dominick Labino glass panel to The National Glass Centre in Sunderland, England as part of an upcoming exhibit titled Space - Time. This wonderful exhibit will draw together works that reflect upon applications of astronomical observations and the role of time in our everyday lives, memory and future.

Included in the exhibit are:

Heike Brachlow - Bill Drummond - Steven Pippin
William S Burroughs - Tehching Hsieh - Ginny Reed
Vaclav Cigler - Dominick Labino - Kiki Smith
Keith Cummings - Liliane Lijn

April 6 - September 6, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Nice Little Break

Parkwood Gallery - Carol Imes-Luscombe, Jill Kelly, and Julie Madden
January 26 - March 6

I've been meaning to post something about the recent opening at Parkwood Gallery since the reception. Not so much an opinion of the work, which was mostly but not completely favorable, but the evening itself. Any of you who were there can attest to this. It was a very nice event. With so much economic doom and gloom day in and day out on the TV and radio news this artist reception was pure social bliss by comparison. The constant reminder of all our collective financial woes melted away as the evening progressed. It was a simple evening of art and conversation. It took nearly 45 minutes to move ten feet inside the door. Just because there were so many happy, smiling people to talk to. Some we've not seen in many cold months and others we see often. It was such a pleasure spending this time talking about the work in the show, recent travels, upcoming events, family, new completed work, new planned work, day to day life and studio stuff etc.
Thank you Carol, thank you Jill and thank you Julie for all your efforts. Your hard work and devotion to your craft pays dividends to us all. And, in so many ways.