Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take Action

Ohio lawmakers are looking to balance the budget. During these tough times they are once again looking to cut funding for the arts throughout the state. It is imperative that we inform these decision makers of our opinions. You can Take Action by clicking this link and sending emails to have your voice heard.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Coosters

Highly recommend checking out this short video of The Coosters. You'll be whistling the melody for hours after, I know I did. Wonderful song, enjoy - Intimate Vacuum featuring the Coosters Great bunch of local talent and I'm looking forward to their new album. Look for them around town, you'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Group of 9 Artists Reception

We had such a fantastic turnout for the Group of 9 opening artists reception. Thanks to all of you who attended. It always makes me feel so good for the artists when we have such an exciting response. We all know how hard these artists work to put together those last few pieces making a show really sing. Here's a sampling of images from the evening. Had it not been so hectic we would have photographed all the artists! -- Next time for sure.

Group of 9:
Greg Jones - Tom Marino - Sally Hobbib Rumman - Neil Frankenhauser
Jan Dyer - Phil Hazard - Dustyn Bork - Jan Thomas - Glenn Osborn

photo by Penny Gentieu

photo by Penny Gentieu

photo by Penny Gentieu

photo by Penny Gentieu

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calling all Creatives

The submission deadline nears, 11.30.2009, but you're creative, bang out something fantastic. You know we all thrive on pressure, creatives are only encouraged by deadlines.

Using the tree as a metaphor, develop a graphically compelling banner centered about the topic of sustainability. Banner artwork will be submitted online, juried by three national award-winning designers, and put on display throughout Downtown Toledo on light pole banners. Once the banners come down from the streets, the artwork will be converted into one-of-a-kind tote bags for purchase. Proceeds of tote sales will go to the Young Artists At Work Program.

You got the idea go to Urban Forest Project for details.

Glass Demo

Visited the glass Pavilion this past Friday night for the glass demonstration. What a great time. With a sro crowd everyone was having a relaxing and enjoyable evening. Next time you're looking for something different to do on a Friday evening consider this. TMA Glass Pavilion

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only Fair...

Every year Barbara and I make the short trip west to Harbert, MI for the Outsiders Outside folk art fair. If you've not made this trip I would certainly recommend it. However, be glad you missed this years festival. Perhaps it's a reflection of our nations current economic strains but this years fair was just that, fair, not great. When you attend an event year after year you begin to expect something wonderful. Why else would you continue to make the trip? Somehow this years fair felt like it was on auto pilot. There was a very obvious lack of energy and enthusiasm this year both from the vendors/artists and the people in attendance. -One feeding off the other I suppose. Disingenuous folk art is a real issue in this genre and it's ever present but in this years festival it felt pervasive. Somehow you know the real from the manufactured and the later leaves a bad taste in your mouth. My hope is that this is a blip and not a suggestion of things to come.

Fortunately there was two bits of good news however. First, we've found a new and wonderful artist which we'll be bringing to the gallery sometime next year. More on that after the details are worked out but trust me you're gonna' love it. And of almost equal importance, Barbara enjoyed her once a year Chicago dog from The Stray Dog Bar and Grill in New Buffalo, MI.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missed Connections

A very interesting blog you simply can't miss. One of my fav's shared it w/ me (you know who you are) and I just had to pass it on. The illustrations are wonderful and prove once again that art in every form is all around us. We just have to look. Be sure and enlarge the images they're very creepy cool! - Just gonna have to trust me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ohio Citizens for the Arts

Ohio Citizens for the Arts has posted an Action Alert relating to arts funding in the state.

For more information and what you can do to help see the following link:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Great Idea

Hopefully many of you are already aware of The Athena Art Society. They've been promoting women and their artistic endeavors for over one hundred years. Their latest project called the "Mona Project" is one great idea. This fundraising project, finally something other than an art auction, consists of members personal interpretations of the Mona Lisa.
They have printed wonderful, unique cards, purchased in packs of 8 or one at a time and can be found in various places around town. I've included just these three images, there are many more great interpretations. We have them and I believe the American Gallery, also in Sylvania, has them as well. If you're looking for a truly hip card to send to a friend look for these, and, you'll be supporting a local group of women artists!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tamara Monk Exhibit

We've decided to extend the Tamara Monk exhibit for another week. If you've not yet had time to see this work now's your chance. The reaction to the show has been amazing thus far. There have been so many personal connections such as "I know right where that is", or "that's where I launch my canoe".

The show will stay up through the end of the first week in May. The Toledo Blade's outdoor editor Steve Pollick wrote a very nice article about the show, as always it's a good read from him.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Labino on Loan

We're excited to announce our loan of a Dominick Labino glass panel to The National Glass Centre in Sunderland, England as part of an upcoming exhibit titled Space - Time. This wonderful exhibit will draw together works that reflect upon applications of astronomical observations and the role of time in our everyday lives, memory and future.

Included in the exhibit are:

Heike Brachlow - Bill Drummond - Steven Pippin
William S Burroughs - Tehching Hsieh - Ginny Reed
Vaclav Cigler - Dominick Labino - Kiki Smith
Keith Cummings - Liliane Lijn

April 6 - September 6, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Nice Little Break

Parkwood Gallery - Carol Imes-Luscombe, Jill Kelly, and Julie Madden
January 26 - March 6

I've been meaning to post something about the recent opening at Parkwood Gallery since the reception. Not so much an opinion of the work, which was mostly but not completely favorable, but the evening itself. Any of you who were there can attest to this. It was a very nice event. With so much economic doom and gloom day in and day out on the TV and radio news this artist reception was pure social bliss by comparison. The constant reminder of all our collective financial woes melted away as the evening progressed. It was a simple evening of art and conversation. It took nearly 45 minutes to move ten feet inside the door. Just because there were so many happy, smiling people to talk to. Some we've not seen in many cold months and others we see often. It was such a pleasure spending this time talking about the work in the show, recent travels, upcoming events, family, new completed work, new planned work, day to day life and studio stuff etc.
Thank you Carol, thank you Jill and thank you Julie for all your efforts. Your hard work and devotion to your craft pays dividends to us all. And, in so many ways.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Test your color IQ

This is a wonderful, fun exercise. It will make your eyes go a-bit crazy, but it's nothing permanent. Click on the following link and take the test. your score!! Yes, you can post anonymously.