Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only Fair...

Every year Barbara and I make the short trip west to Harbert, MI for the Outsiders Outside folk art fair. If you've not made this trip I would certainly recommend it. However, be glad you missed this years festival. Perhaps it's a reflection of our nations current economic strains but this years fair was just that, fair, not great. When you attend an event year after year you begin to expect something wonderful. Why else would you continue to make the trip? Somehow this years fair felt like it was on auto pilot. There was a very obvious lack of energy and enthusiasm this year both from the vendors/artists and the people in attendance. -One feeding off the other I suppose. Disingenuous folk art is a real issue in this genre and it's ever present but in this years festival it felt pervasive. Somehow you know the real from the manufactured and the later leaves a bad taste in your mouth. My hope is that this is a blip and not a suggestion of things to come.

Fortunately there was two bits of good news however. First, we've found a new and wonderful artist which we'll be bringing to the gallery sometime next year. More on that after the details are worked out but trust me you're gonna' love it. And of almost equal importance, Barbara enjoyed her once a year Chicago dog from The Stray Dog Bar and Grill in New Buffalo, MI.

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