Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Response to Susan Morosky's Art

I'm always interested by people's reactions to new art and artists at the gallery. It's easy to see why people are responding so well to the new works by Susan Morosky in the May and June exhibit. The strong brush strokes and bright colors are a welcome change from the long, gray winter. Most are initially struck by the abstrat qualities of the paintings but slowly see the loose interpretation of landscapes. We are pleased at the response Susan has received at the gallery and look forward to the next series of work she'll produce.

Artists have also responded to Susan's work. Karen Roderick Lingeman, a ceramics artist, traded her natural earth tones for bright yellows and blues in her latest work showing at the gallery. It's great to see the interaction people have with the various artists and works at the gallery.

I encourage everyone to sign up for the e-newsletter we've started at the gallery. We are planning great events for the summer and fall and want everyone to stay informed. We will also include updates on new work to the gallery and specials on framing.

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Anonymous said...

Great paintings! So colorful and bright.